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Bespoke Health & Weight Management Programmes

Here you will find all the information you need about our programmes, tailored to YOU.

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Get confident with my Ready for Summer plan!

This programme is designed to help you achieve a strong and confident body, ready for the sunshine .  


Enjoy summer social events without compromising your health with my fabulous solutions for BBQs & picnics and improve body confidence for the beach!

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Need to lose weight for an upcoming...

  • Wedding?

  • Holiday?

  • A special event?​


Work with me on this weekly immersion plan for 6 weeks and we will get you looking and feeling stunning in time for that special date.  


My signature programme for those who want to…

  • Enjoy eating, rebuild your relationship with food, lose weight, and NOT be on a “diet”

  • Find a long-term solution that will also make you feel energized and youthful again.

  • Get to the bottom of those niggling symptoms that come with age.

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Sometimes we just need to touch base, stop and replenish.


This package is designed for clients who have completed a full programme and have reached their goal and just need to touch base from time to time.  Offering flexibility throughout the year and yet giving them the reassurance that support is always at hand.

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