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Eating more & losing weight

I Worked with Jo back in October to investigate a potential food allergy

                         and to loose a few kilos after the summer. From day one Jo was fantastic setting realistic goals for me to work towards.


One of the main factors was cutting gluten from my diet. The brain fog that I was blaming on my small children lifted.


I was eating more than I ever have and losing weight. I throughly enjoyed learning about a new life style and have continued to feel great and put the plan into action.


Thank you!



“I’ve just completed my 10-week programme with Jo and I was reflecting on how different I feel.

I was suffering with chronic reflux, hot flushes and disturbed sleep, not to mention other menopausal related ‘conditions’ and felt
it was high time I invested in some professional advice. Jo’s kindness and understanding, coupled with her
outstanding nutritional knowledge and advice, has enabled me to address all my health concerns.

I looked forward to our weekly catch ups which enabled me to make some significant changes some long standing bad
habits and routines. It takes personal commitment and effort, particularly through the uncertainty that Covid-19
brought about, to embrace new habits and sustain them however I just wish I’d taken this step 12 months ago.

I’d like to say a huge “thank you” to Jo for guiding me through my personal journey. I will never ever go back to
those old habits and you’ve been instrumental in helping me achieve better health.“



Jo helped me become happier, healthier and slimmer!

After 2 years of lockdowns and working from home, I had created some really bad habits of drinking
too much alcohol, eating unhealthy food, not making time for myself and prioritising work and binge
watching Netflix; all of these factors led to me having low self-esteem, low energy and struggling to
focus at work.

Jo really helped me establish healthier routines, exercising more, cooking healthier
and just generally learning about how to keep my mind and body healthy. Over the 10 weeks, even
family and friends noticed my confidence grew massively, due to losing 1 stone in weight and having
more energy to go out and socialise with friends. I noticed improvements in my skin, with spots and
dull skin being issues for me previously, I was honestly glowing by the end of the programme.

Overall, the improvements in my weight, skin and confidence have really shifted my perceptions on
food and exercise, going forward I feel I now have the tools to truly listen to my body and know what
it needs.

Thank you so much Jo, for creating healthy habits that I can go forward and lead a
healthier, happier lifestyle.



"If anyone is considering doing this, stop considering and start now.


I'd been looking for while for the right coach and Jo is the perfect fit. As someone British living abroad like me, she knows the ins and outs of a mix of cultures, foods and lifestyles.


Her emotional intelligence is powerful. She is caring and understanding yet firm and motivating. She inspires by example. She has that unique blend of professional knowledge and personal experience.


Jo has helped me redefine and find my purpose again. She is lively and positive and never lets you down. She is very good at making you 'look in the mirror' and giving you the tools and the power to make a plan and put it into action.

Jo is there not to judge but to help you realise why you went wrong and how to remedy that.


Her plans go far beyond the scope that you read on the website. I started off on the full weekly support as I was coming from a difficult place and have not regretted any step of the way, and feel the need to continue with that for a while further to work on self-limiting beliefs, nutrition and lifestyle.


I am getting my life back on track. I couldn't have found a better person to share that journey with.


Thank you  Jo."






Investing in myself during lockdown was the best decision I made.

 I feel amazing.



My main aim working with Jo was to improve my gut health and have some accountability.

  • My acid reflux has improved.

  • My nutrition has improved enormously.

  • Brain fog has lifted and I feel sharper and with more energy.  


Jo has certainly helped me understand what is a more beneficial way of fueling my body.


Before I signed up, I procrastinated for a while, as I thought I had tried it all.

Being a pretty switched on kind of person, as well as a 50+ successful business woman, I truly believed I had been down every route. I accepted life as it was with all the aches, pains, fatigue and stresses. It was when, I had the
added trauma when my husband died too young and I was left to run a business alone, without him after 25 years together, I started to feel more unwell. I knew I had to make a change and I am so happy I found this program
and met Jo.

I felt in good, safe hands from day one. I would say the unique and major difference with Jo, is her firm approach and kind way of managing to relieve the pressure that comes from life’s expectations  and mostly pressure inside
my head!. I get to learn a new mindset, a different way to nourish and move my body without any  of the ’Should” ‘But” and could do better’. She has a way of saying “its ok” which makes me cut myself some slack and believe in myself.
The relief that comes from the fact I am no longer so hard on myself and enjoy knowing I am enough, is truly wonderful.

Jo’s teaching has enabled me to now know instinctively how to eat so my blood sugar is balanced. All the tools, tips and guidance has resulted in a fitter, slimmer, and more energised me . My personal growth has blown my
mind and learning so much has made me stronger with a new found inner confidence. With Jo's tools and guidance I am tapping in to a new courage to be able to make some major life changes that are just so good for me!
More ‘DOING” rather than ‘Dreaming’.

My journey here and life changing successes has brought me to sign up for a
3rd program with Jo. I feel both privileged and excited to be being taken to a
whole new level. 

I can’t recommend this program enough!


I just completed my 10 week program with Jo and I cannot recommend her more!


I started my journey pretty stuck in my ways and convincing me to change was not going to be easy. I enjoyed having a drink each night with dinner, religiously went to the gym everyday for an intense workout and had to have something sweet after my
dinner. I can now say that I have changed my outlook on my choices and have learned new ways I can enjoy the things I always have!

I had been in my routine for a year and although I was fitter than I was before kids, I still couldn’t drop the weight. Working work Jo has completely changed all of that. I lost a total of 20 lbs during the 10 week journey and still enjoyed everything I did before, in moderation.

She walked me through my difficult days, guided me through habits that helped me rather than hindered my progression and encouraged me when there were days I felt I may have taken a step in the opposite direction.
Jo is hands on while allowing you to learn for yourself. She will be there as much as you need her. Without Jo and the program, I would have continued to feel that I was stuck in the same spot in my life.

For those who are struggling to lose the extra weight or feel they that need support and accountability, Jo is who you need in your life!

Thank you Jo for your support during this journey. I’ve learned life lessons I will be able to take forward with me and my new lifestyle.


Green Apples

I was nervous to start the programme knowing the bad habits i’d made routine but felt understood and supported
straight away.

After just three weeks I know that I have made positive healthy changes that are sustainable moving forward.


Thank you for holding me accountable whilst reminding me to be kind to myself in this continued journey to success.



While pregnant I decided to start a healthy life style. Jo taught me how to listen to my body and take control of it.


She gave me emotional and practical advice to make better choices in my daily routine.

After I few sessions I reduced my cravings, my level of energy increased and I my mood improved. I know it’s a non stop journey but I couldn’t have started without her great advice.


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