Thank you

Eating more & losing weight

I Worked with Jo back in October to investigate a potential food allergy

                         and to loose a few kilos after the summer. From day one Jo was fantastic setting realistic goals for me to work towards.


One of the main factors was cutting gluten from my diet. The brain fog that I was blaming on my small children lifted.


I was eating more than I ever have and losing weight. I throughly enjoyed learning about a new life style and have continued to feel great and put the plan into action.


Thank you!



"If anyone is considering doing this, stop considering and start now.


I'd been looking for while for the right coach and Jo is the perfect fit. As someone British living abroad like me, she knows the ins and outs of a mix of cultures, foods and lifestyles.


Her emotional intelligence is powerful. She is caring and understanding yet firm and motivating. She inspires by example. She has that unique blend of professional knowledge and personal experience.


Jo has helped me redefine and find my purpose again. She is lively and positive and never lets you down. She is very good at making you 'look in the mirror' and giving you the tools and the power to make a plan and put it into action.

Jo is there not to judge but to help you realise why you went wrong and how to remedy that.


Her plans go far beyond the scope that you read on the website. I started off on the full weekly support as I was coming from a difficult place and have not regretted any step of the way, and feel the need to continue with that for a while further to work on self-limiting beliefs, nutrition and lifestyle.


I am getting my life back on track. I couldn't have found a better person to share that journey with.


Thank you  Jo."






Investing in myself during lockdown was the best decision I made.

 I feel amazing.



My main aim working with Jo was to improve my gut health and have some accountability.

  • My acid reflux has improved.

  • My nutrition has improved enormously.

  • Brain fog has lifted and I feel sharper and with more energy.  


Jo has certainly helped me understand what is a more beneficial way of fueling my body.