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Get confident with my Ready for summer plan!

This programme is designed to help you achieve a strong and confident body, ready for the sunshine! .

Enjoy summer social events without compromising your health with my fabulous solutions for BBQs & picnics.  


Designed by a qualified nutritionist to help you achieve the following results: 

  • Introduce healthy habits

  • Nourish your body with fabulous fresh nutrients

  • Feel lighter and brighter

  • Lose body fat and build muscle

  • Improve body confidence ready for the beach


This  package includes:

  • A full food plan, with recipes & shopping lists

  • A "Get clear on Summer" starter session

  • 3 further 30 minute online sessions  from the comfort of your home with registered nutritional therapist Jo Sintes 

  • Food diary & habit analysis

  • Bespoke sessions designed to support you implementing this plan into your life.

  • 150 Euros

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Picnic by the Lake
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