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Ageing Fabulously

Helping women take back control of their health and weight so they feel energised and reconnect with themselves again.

Are you unable to shift those kilos like you used to?

Fed up of constantly being on a diet?

Do you crave having more energy and feeling youthful again?

How about those niggling signs of ageing - stiff joints, insomnia or menopausal symptoms?

Let me help you free yourself from the chains of continuous dieting and take back the control so you shed those kilos, regain boundless energy, extend you health span and FEEL FABULOUS AGAIN!

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Jo Sintes

Ageing Fabulously

Hi, I´m Jo, a registered nutritional therapist, wellness coach and Zest4Life Associate.


I am based in Spain and work World-Wide via skype/zoom with English speaking women of 40+ who worry about ageing. Women who have woken up one day to discover that the body they have is a stranger to them and with the passing of time they have several health and weight challenges that seem to be out of their control.  


My clients have usually tried every diet in the book and are now tired of being a "prisoner" to eating and just want to enjoy life and to age healthily.

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1.  Book Your Complimentary Review

Try it out first

Click on the booking button and choose a date convenient for you.  This is my first gift  to you -  a 30 minute complimentary health review. 
It will be a fantastic chance for you to tell me what your health concerns are, and what you would like to achieve. You will leave the session with a clear idea of a bespoke plan that will work for you as well as some strategies that you can put into place straight away

2.  Let's Get Started


Once you have decided on the right package for you, you will receive an in- depth health & lifestyle questionnaire as well as all the programme materials.  In your first 90 minute session we will explore the results of your questionnaire together, set your goals and get you on your journey to Ageing Fabulously!

3.  Continuous Support

The Guidance You Need

From here on depending on the package you choose you will receive continuous support through coaching sessions, scientifically proven nutritional advice, meal plans,  recipes, Email/Whatsapp.


Please feel free to follow me on:



and join my Facebook group -

Ageing Fabulously TOGETHER

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

First Steps

How to get started

From the day we are born you are ageing.   Each decade involves transition and brings with it its own challenges.  You can't stop the ageing process but the good news is you can CHANGE and CHOOSE the way you age. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain energy or resolve niggling health issues there are so many ways I can help you do so.

Take a look at my packages, and follow the 3-step plan below.

My Packages

I work with my clients via skype/ zoom from the comfort of their own home  or any business or holiday location.  Working virtually  clients avoid the stress of fighting traffic jams, they can fit it into their busy schedules and achieve their goals where ever they might be in the world.


In order to understand your current health issues and goals and to work through a new eating plan, we will need to work together over a period of time. A ‘one-off’ appointment is unlikely to help you. The length of your programme will depend on your current status and what you want to achieve but will typically start with an initial 10 weeks.  

Have a look at my packages below and see which best suits your situation.


At different times of the year I offer a seasonal package to help give you the motivation and boost needed for the season.

Check out which one is on offer this season by clicking the link below.



My signature package for those who want to…

  • Enjoy eating, rebuild your relationship with food, lose weight, and NOT be on a “diet”


  • Find a long-term solution that will also make you feel energized and youthful again.

  • Get to the bottom of those niggling symptoms that come with age.

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Need to lose weight for a wedding?

Holiday? Or a special event?

Work with me on this weekly immersion plan for 6 weeks and we will get you looking and feeling stunning in time for that special date.

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Sometimes we just need to touch base, stop and replenish.

Sometimes we just need to touch base, stop and replenish.

This package is designed for clients who have completed a full programme and have reached their goal.  


"I can't believe my brain fog has lifted......
My nails have started to grow....and i feel slim again!"

Katie  - Madrid

Image by Manuel Cosentino
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